Everytime it gets better. This is out 5th edition looking to support the same cause, raise awareness for the conservation efforts by the Billfish Conservation Project in Guatemala. All the celebrities are part of this huge movement that is gonna bring succesfull fishing for the next generations. Conservation is a cause that has no end. There is no point at which we will say our work is finished. That’s why were gonna keep going with this exciting event during many more years.

Team King and I Wins the Guatemala Billfish Invitational

4th annual tournament features hot sailfish bite By Staff

May 9, 2019

Team King and I takes first place with 4,400 points

For the fourth consecutive year, the Guatemala Billfish Invitational delivered spectacular sailfish action while bringing together recreational fishing interests and the scientific community for a fun-filled, mutually beneficial three-day event.

The Billfish Invitational’s pro-am format allows anglers from around the world to fish with a select group of celebrities, with the proceeds benefiting Guatemala’s national commission for the protection of sailfish. Along with bragging rights and a prize package from sponsors, the winning team has their names added to the beautiful perpetual trophy that’s displayed prominently at Pacific Fins year-round. 

Team Sirena takes second place with 4,200 points

Courtesy of Pacific Fins

Team Fishy Business takes third place with 3,700 points

The bite was as hot as ever this year with the 15 boats in the tournament totaling 446 sailfish and 3 blue marlin released during the three days of non-stop action on the water. With 44 sailfish releases worth 4,400 points, team King and I took this year’s top honors. Team Sirena was a close second with 4,200 points from 42 sailfish releases. Finishing in third place was team Fishy Business with 3,700 points from 34 sailfish releases and one blue marlin.

Courtesy of Pacific Fins

Team Knotwork with a sailfish double header

Dr. Nelson Erhardt and Bruce Pohlot from the University of Miami were on hand to present a lesson in sailfish conservation efforts and review data collected from satellite tagging of 8 of the 10 sailfish that were tagged during 3
rd tournaments edition.

Full house for Dr. Erhardt’s presentation on his sailfish research.


Last year’s celebrity guests included NFL Hall of Famer Warren Sapp, MLB Hall of Famer Wade Boggs, Food Network star chef Terry French and fishing television personalities Peter Miller, Scott Walker and George Gozdz.




Courtesy of Pacific Fins